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 What is FUSE?
FUSE Technology

      Magnetic + FUSE card

  • No forgery
  • Paper thin
  • Can be applied to any printable surface (e.g. paper, plastic, etc.)
  • Store up to 128 byte of a unique encrypted code
  • Requires a special reader which can be configured for various reading applications (e.g. card reader, paper, checks, passports, etc.)
  • FUSE can be masked or hidden by printing over it
  • FUSE does not rely on magnetic technology so therefore cannot become de-magnetized like magnetic strips
  • Read only, can only be written to once
  • The costs of production and reader are cheap

No Forgery

Broken lines show locations of FUSE data


FUSE data was communicated via analog technology. The difficulty of analog technology was every copy of information was partially altered or distorted. For example, when a person made a copy of an audio cassette tape the copy was not an exact copy and the quality of music was distorted/ deteriorated.

In contrast to the above example, and with the advancement of digital technology, every copy/duplicate is an EXACT copy. Therefore scanned images, signatures, pictures, documents, etc. all become exact copies and forgery and duplication is impossible to distinguish.

SCI looks to exploit this weakness in digital technology by offering a solution which will be able to prevent fraud and forgery by duplication.

Current Technology

Magnetic card Magnetic + IC card

The magnetic data can be copied and fabricated on to empty cards by a forgery device called a skimmer.

IC card is more secure than magnetic card. However, the production costs, including card reader and IC card, are not reasonable.

 Applied Application
 Commerce Transaction
 Document Security
 Physical Security
FUSE Technology
 No Forgery
 Current Technology

 Tapping Inspection  Woodpecker

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