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 What is FUSE?
Applied Application

Commerce Transaction
Credit Cards
FUSE provides an added level of security to existing cards and eliminates skimming and credit card fraud in the future at a fraction of the cost of a smart card implementation ($1 vs. $3-10 per smart card).

Event Tickets
Tickets hold a significant value and are easily forged since they are paper based and can be easily printed and duplicated. FUSE can eliminate the forgery and duplication of event tickets by printing the encrypted FUSE on the paper ticket. The cost of FUSE per ticket is approximately $.30 and a licensing print fee of $1- $2.00 can be charged and passed onto the consumer which is minimal since most sporting event tickets average $25.00 or more and most concert tickets are in excess of $60.00. This charge is approximately less than three percent of the ticket prices.

Gift Certificates
FUSE system develops a standard "off-the-shelf" software package, which will allow small businesses to produce customized gift certificates which they can issue to customers. The software package concept will include standard PC software, a USB certificate reader, and preprinted blank certificates with a unique FUSE imprinted paper. "off-the-shelf" gift certificate kit would retail at approximately $300.00 with on going sales of paper stock, approximately $1.00 per page and additional reader sales.

Document Protection
Building upon the "off-the-shelf" gift certificate concept, we will develop a similar package which will allow the user to produce legal documents and contracts using our "forge proof" proprietary paper. The level of authentication validates the person holding the credential is the person who is authorized by the credential (e.g. PIN #, bio-metrics, passwords, photo I.D., etc.)

Certificates of Authenticity
Almost every valuable or collectable today comes with a certificate of authenticity. Every object or certificate can be duplicated. SCI can ensure the authenticity by creating a certificate which cannot be forged.

Physical Security
Passport Authentication
SCI believe the FUSE meets the need for preventing passport forgery and improve security at each country's borders. Given each passport issued today is paper based, the FUSE can be applied to a passport with encrypted authorizing codes allowing access to a country and validating the person's credentials.

Airline tickets / Biometrics
Fuse technology with biometrics - including fingerprint, facial recognition, and retina scan - can be applied in the current terror- precautious environment.

For example, a traveler will submit his/her fingerprint, which will be compressed into smaller data. The data creates a fuse ID and is printed on a boarding pass at the check-in counter. The boarding pass is read by a fuse reader at the gate, and the fuse ID on the boarding pass have to match with the individual's fingerprint before boarding. The boarding pass, including the individual's fingerprint on the fuse ID, is discarded when the authorization is completed at the gate. In this case, the individual's fingerprint will not be stored or managed by any institution. The privacy issue is solved. The fuse printer will be available at a reasonable cost, and the fuse reader circuit board can be added on the current readers.

 Applied Application
 Commerce Transaction
 Document Security
 Physical Security
FUSE Technology
 No Forgery
 Current Technology

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