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Overview of Secure Card International, Inc

Secure Card International, Inc. (SCI) was established by Mr. Koichi Awano in 2002 and incorporated in Illinois. The company developed an innovative technology with conductive storage material, known as FUSE technology. The technology creates high volume storage medium for encrypted information, which is paper thin, portable and offers advanced and unique security advantages over the current industry standard of magnetic strips and bar codes. SCI's FUSE technology is patented and unique in that it has the same physical properties as existing antifraud and security applications, however it can be encrypted, masked and cannot be duplicated or forged. In addition, it offers similar features as microchips at a fraction of the cost and can be applied to existing transaction media in the market (e.g. plastic cards, paper, currency, checks, etc.). This technology has antifraud and security applications in credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, ban k notes, checks, building access, passports, tickets, and paper documents. Implementation of the technology can be quick since the technology is inexpensive and applied by a special printing technique to existing transaction documents/credentials.

The high level of security provided by this technology offers companies the opportunity to decrease insurance claims and premium costs, prevent financial loss as well as potentially save lives and prevent catastrophic events caused by security breaches. Whether protecting a bank balance, preventing forgery or enhancing security at airports and the borders of a country, the application of SCI's FUSE technology can be applied for cents on the dollar compared to the competing technologies.

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